Additional Information

Creativity Fee

The creativity fee is the basic cost of hiring me as a photographer. All other costs are in addition to this base rate and would be negotiated with the client. Some examples of additional costs would be: special request for digital retouching, travel expenses for distances over 20 miles, and any additional production expenses.

Online Photo Galleries

All of your photos will be posted on I can make your photo gallery public access or I can password protect it upon your request. Posting photos online makes it extremely easy for family and friends to view your photos. They can also order their own prints or simply download the digital file(s). You can even share your photos on social media sites such as facebook. All print and merchandise services are handled within your photo gallery (see Proofs below).

Proofs (prints)

You and or family/friends can order as many prints as you like. I use an Online Photo Gallery hosting service (Smugmug) that offers complete customer support and a secure credit card payment system.  Bay Photos, which is the premier print lab that Dale McDonald uses, produces EXCELLENT quality prints.  In addition to high quality paper prints, you can have your photos printed on shirts, mugs, canvas wraps, postcards, create a calendar, on a keepsake box, coffee mugs, coasters, magnets, playing cards... and the list goes on. You can also order your photos mounted and framed via Smugmug's online services.

You have the option to print on Lustre, Glossy, or Metallic photo paper. Lustre coating provides a sheen that visibly enhances your prints and provides superior protection.  The coating protects against fingerprints, UV rays, and typical over-spraying found in home/office environments. Lustre coating provides for a richer, enhanced sheen on prints of every size. You can also have your photos printed on metallic paper. Metallic paper will give your photos deeper colors and are extremely resistent to fade. All the photo paper choices above are guaranteed to avoid any type of fading up to 100 years.

Photos are printed on Kodak ENDURA professional photo paper with a fine grain pebble texture

Digital Photography

I use two 22 megapixel Canon 5D Mark III cameras, a 21 megapixel Canon 5D Mark II and an 18 megapixel Canon 7D. All four cameras are capable of producing professional quality enlargements up to 20x30", or larger. I use Canon's top of the line, professional series lenses (L-series) on each camera body assuring you outstanding quality images.

Digital Retouching

Color and tonal corrections are included with all portrait sessions.  I do not charge for minor edits, such as skin blemish corrections, converting a photo from color to black & white, stray hair removal, etc... Any edit that falls under this category and is one that you choose for final print will be covered in my initial creativity fee. 

Travel Expenses

Traveling is not a problem for me but I do charge $.56 per mile for any location that is over 20 miles from my home (40 miles round trip). This charge applies to traveling to the location and back again to my home. For example, if the location is 30 miles from my home there will be a travel expense of $33.60 added to the bill.

Privacy (Model Release Forms)

Though not required for you to sign, I do ask everyone to sign a model release form. This form gives the photographer (Dale McDonald), permission to use your photos on a public website and/or for commercial use. You can download the model release form(s) by clicking on the following links: Adult Model Release, Minor Model Release.