Karina's Maternity Portraits

Karina and Kirill are expecting their first child on March 14th.  Louie, a four year old Chihuahua, is ready to have little Karolina enter the pack but is fearful that he might lose some of his preferred sleeping arrangements on Karina's lap in the near future.  Nothing a few treats couldn't fix, right Louie?  Both Karina and Kirill have been working hard remodeling their home and even Kirill's father has been helping with the construction of Karolina's nest.  The hard work paid off because their home looks beautiful.  Perfect timing for a beautiful baby girl to fill the newly remodeled home with warmth and love.  

Sunshine with a mixture of overcast skies in Northeast Ohio made for a great day for natural light photography.  Most of the portrait session occurred inside Karina and Kirill's home but we all ventured outside to the brisk Northeast Ohio winter air for some outdoor portraits.