Kelly and Donny's engagement session

Spring showers bring May weddings (and flowers as well).  Kelly and Donny will be newly weds on May 31st, 2014.   Following their wedding they'll be moving to New Orleans to not only kick off a new life together but also to start new careers in The Big Easy.  A big part of their lives over the past two years has been spent in Tremont, where both Kelly and Donny currently live.   Not only does Tremont offer great restaurants, unique bars and a young community, but it's also where Donny proposed to Kelly.  Now if you ever want a good story, Donny will never let you down.  Donny originally planned to propose marriage to Kelly at Lincoln Park but a beautiful summer day and what seemed like a thousand kids and other dogs swarming in circles around them didn't make it easy for finding "the perfect moment."   Sebastian, Donny's pet Golden Retriever, who is not only extremely cute but also very well trained, is a people magnet.  Kids and other dogs in the area just wanted to see Sebastian and finding a place private was going to be a challenge on that afternoon.  Lincoln Park wasn't going to work that day so Donny went to plan B and decided to proceed with a walk in the neighborhood with Kelly and Sebastian hoping to find the perfect spot to ask that simple question, will you marry me?  A few blocks from Lincoln Park, on the corner of Tremont Ave. and Jefferson Ave. is the Tremont Montessori Elementary School.  In back of the school, just behind two trees on a grass field, Donny dropped to one knee and asked Kelly to marry him.  Well, as you can see, the answer was a BIG YES!

What better of a location to hold Kelly and Donny's engagement session than the place where it all started?  David and I spent the late afternoon with Kelly, Donny and Sebastian walking the same steps that they took on that beautiful summer day where Donny asked Kelly to marry him.  Along our path, we took numerous photos to capture the love and friendship between them.   Listed below is their story.  Enjoy.