Oliver's 1st birthday party

Candy, cake and balloons to share with all of my family and friends!  What more could a 1 year old ask for?  Oliver's parents, Bianca and Robert, made sure he started off his birthday run with a great party.  On a rather balmy winter day, at least in 2014 winter standards, a birthday celebration started at 3pm at the Bain Cabin in Fairview Park on Saturday, February 15th.  Bain Cabin, which was constructed in 1937, burned down and then rebuilt again, offered a rustic ambiance and a warm fireplace to help family and friends forget winter for at least a few hours.  

Bianca, who also has a love for the camera, decided to pass off the camera duties to enjoy her son's first birthday and hire a professional photographer to capture the special moments.  Not only did Bianca and Robert enjoy the special moments and memories with their son's first birthday but they have preserved them as well.  Timeless photographs to enjoy for years to come!

I have some photos from Oliver's birthday party posted below and a link to view a highlight video/slideshow at the bottom of this web page.  When you're done watching the slideshow, look for a link listed below the video/slideshow to view all of the photos captured (over 250).  If you want to jump right to the slideshow, you can view it here: Oliver's Slideshow


Be sure to view the highlight video/slideshow (many more photos) by clicking on the video button above.