Twins superhero birthday party

Whether you're a kid or an adult, summer birthday parties are always fun.  Ava and Davis celebrated their 3rd birthday with family and friends on a beautiful summer day in August.  Warm sunshine, a refreshing breeze, balloons, games, family, friends, cake and ice cream all complimented each other as perfect ingredients for a great birthday party.  Aunt Sabrina brought the food, decorations and games to the party while other family members brought warm laughs and good spirits.  What's better than a birthday party?  A superhero birthday party! It's hard enough to photograph fast moving kids but superhero kids moving faster than the speed of sound is very challenging.   To be a kid again.  Happy birthday Ava and Davis!

Listed below are a few photos from their birthday party.  At the end of this page you'll find a link to view the entire photo collection from their birthday party.