Canon 5D Mark III settings for Wedding Photographers

I purchased a Canon 5D Mark III recently to compliment my Canon 5D Mark II.  So far, I absolutely love the new Mark III.  The autofocus is much more accurate and faster, especially in low light, and the silent shutter mode is a blessing during ceremonies.  With the 5D Mark II, I got in the habit to only use the center focus point for everything.  The outer focus points on the Mark II are simply not that reliable.  I do NOT have this problem on the new camera body (Mark III).  I can also see about a stop difference in noise at higher ISOs in favor of the Mark III over the Mark II. While searching for information on the Mark III, I came across this site that has some very useful camera settings that make the Mark III become an even better tool for event work:  Canon EOS 5D Mark III AF and Custom Function Settings