Engagement Session Information

* All of our packages include a complimentary engagement photo session.

Did you know that not having an engagement and bridal photography session can have an enormous impact on the outcome of your wedding photographs? Finding the perfect wedding photographer is obviously important to every couple getting married. However, aside from having additional memories to cherish, the majority of couples are not aware of the significance of having engagement and bridal photographs. For all the lovely couples out there, here are 6 powerful reasons why you need to schedule your engagement and bridal session.

1. You will become more comfortable with your photographer and being in front of the camera. If you are not relaxed, your stress will show in your photographs. Your wedding day is not the time to be uncomfortable in front of the camera. Experience always helps reduce stress.

2. You and your future spouse will have experience posing with direction from your photographer. Each photographer has a unique way of guiding their subjects. Once again, experience will improve your communication with your photographer.

3. You will have practice with hair and makeup styles. This is a great way to decide how you want to style your makeup and hair for your wedding. Please don't wait until your wedding day to decide you don't like the way your hair and makeup looks.

4. You will discover whether your dress needs any adjustments. This opportunity to wear your dress will definitely make you aware of any problems with it, well before your wedding.

5. You will see your photographer's pictures prior to your wedding. This will give you time to discuss what you like or even dislike about the work. Experienced wedding photographers can make adjustments. Why find out that you don't like something about the photographer's style after your wedding?

6. Your photographer will have more experience capturing you and your fiancé or fiancée. Everyone has angles at which they look their best. Your wedding photographer will have more experience posing you or positioning themselves to capture you at this angle.

Additional Reasons To Consider:

1. Emotions will run wild on your wedding day and tears of joy will probably be shed. Engagement and bridal sessions don't have all this emotion. As a result, you will look your absolute best.

2. An engagement photography session will enable you to use professional photographs for your wedding invitations. All your family and friends will see your invitation. Why not show off yourself and your future spouse in the best possible light?

3. You can enlarge your engagement and bridal photographs for display at your wedding reception. People love pictures. Especially of loved ones and friends. Having professional engagement and bridal photographs at your reception adds a magical touch.

Experience will definitely improve the outcome of your wedding day photographs. As with anything important in your life, (e.g. job interview, exam, public speech) wouldn't you want to prepare yourself for success? And in this case, prepare yourself to look your best at your wedding? Take action today and schedule an engagement and bridal photography session!