Kelly and Donny's Wedding

The end of May not only offered blue skies and pleasant temperatures, but it also ended up being the perfect day in so many ways for Kelly and Don.   The day started out at the Double Tree Tudor Arms Hotel on Carnegie Ave, located about a mile from Littly Italy and the Botanical Gardens.  David photographed Kelly and the bridesmaids while I (Dale) photographed Don and his groomsmen getting ready for the big day.   Don and his groomsmen boarded Lolly the Trolley at 1pm and headed to the ceremony at the Botanical Gardens in Cleveland, Ohio.  Kelly and her bridesmaids took the next trolley to the Botanical Gardens and the day was on its way.

The ceremony was held outside where warm rays of sunlight filtered through the trees surrounding the garden while Vocalist Ashley Nemeh filled the air with beautiful music.   Donny & Kelly couldn’t have picked a better day to tie the knot.  Reverand Dave Enzman declared Kelly and Donny newlyweds on May 31st, 2014 at  2:27PM.

Following the ceremony we guided the wedding party throughout the gardens photographing them at various locations.  Kelly loves the area around Wade Lagoon at the Cleveland Art Museum so we all took a short walk down the street to the Art Museum for some photo opportunities.  After capturing a lot of fun photographs with the bridal party we sent everyone, with the exception of Kelly and Donny, back on Lolly the Trolley to be taken to the reception at Guarino’s in Little Italy.

Before heading off to the celebration party at Guarino’s, Kelly, Donny, David, myself, and my lovely assistant Jennifer (my awesome wife) stopped by The Music Settlement to photograph Kelly and Donny inside the Burke Mansion (built in 1910).    If you haven’t heard about The Music Settlement (TMS) , TMS offers music therapy, early childhood education, and music instruction to people of all ages and abilities in Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.  The Burke Mansion is absolutely beautiful and I can’t thank the management at TMS enough for letting us use the Burke Mansion as a backdrop for  Kelly and Donny’s wedding portraits.

The reception took place outside and the Guarino’s was closed just for the wedding.    Perfect day, perfect evening, perfect couple.

Photographers: Dale McDonald, David Petkiewicz

Photographer Assistant: Jennifer McDonald

Vocalist: Ashley Nemeh

Reverand: Dave Enzman

Ceremony location:  Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Reception location: Guarino’s Restaurant in Littly Italy

Photography locations: Tudor Arms Hotel, Botanical Gardens, Wade Lagoon, Cleveland Museum of Art, The Music Settlement, and Guarino’s Restaurant.